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Tao Long
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Hey! Tao is a first-year Computer Science PhD student at Columbia University. He studies human-AI interaction design with Dr. Lydia Chilton


Tao's works fall into the beautiful field of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). Supporting users' online behaviors and interactions through a human-centered lens, Tao is interested in designing and building AI-powered productivity and collaboration supports.


Previously, Tao graduated summa cum laude from Cornell University in May 2022, where he received B.S. in Information Science and B.S. in Communication. For more info, please reach out for a copy of my CV :)
  • 06/22 - 
    Publication Alert! Our work collaborated with Cornell Law School and Weill Cornell Medicine will be on #CSCW2022!
  • 05/22 - 
    I obtained my two B.S. from Cornell with summa cum laude!
  • 05/22 - 
    I graduated with honors thesis aka research with distinction, distinction with honors, teaching recognition award, and outstanding teaching assistant award!
  • 04/22 - 
    I am the recipient of the Anson H. Rowe Award! $3500!
  • 03/22 - 
    My first media exposure by Cornell Chronicle!
  •  12/21 - 
    My first grant! My honors thesis project received the Jane E. Brody Undergraduate Research Award and the Fredric N. Gabler ’93 Memorial Research Endowment!
  •  12/21 - 
    I received a huge grad school application funding provided by oSTEM and Queer in AI! Thank you!
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Note: * last updated by 07/2022 * this bad design means that i wont be using or updating this site for a while. but if you are interested in anything i might know, like hci, cornell, columbia, grad school, or research collaboration (!), please dont hesitate to shoot me an email :)